SCN Research's Team

Steven Clark Neighorn


Unix OS programming, security, and administration. Microcomputer system programming, applications and systems software design and development. Computer graphics programming. Relational database design and programming. Parallel computer architecture simulation. Electronic communications software. Neural networks. Speech recognition. Distributed operating system research. Local area network configuration. Performance evaluation. X Window programming. Internet oriented programming and security. Unix training. Unix system development. Twenty-four years experience with the Unix operating systems. Sixteen years experience with Cisco IOS. WAN configuration and debugging. Internet service provider operations. Network security operations.


Programmed extensively in C, C++, Pascal, FORTRAN, Smalltalk-80, BASIC, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL (Oracle, Informix, Sybase), Java, Javascript, and microprocessor assembly languages (Z80, 808x, 80x86. SPARC and some 6800, 6502, 80960, and 68000). Knowledge of Forth, and Lisp.

Considerable experience with AT&T System V release 2 and 3 Unix, BSD 4.2 and 4.3 Unix, SunOS 3.5 to 4.1.4, Solaris 2.x, Mach, MSDOS, CP/M, iPSC Unix, SGI Unix, Cisco IOS, Livingston access devices, HPUX, IBM AIX, Linux, Apple OS X, and Microsoft Windows.


Oregon Graduate Institute, Beaverton, Oregon
   Sep 1986 to 1993
   Pursued Master's Degree in Computer Science.
   Specializing in distributed operating systems.

Portland State University, Portland, Oregon,
   Sept 1981 to Dec 1985
   B.S. with high honors in Computer Science.


1991 to Present : SCN Research Inc, Owner and Consultant.

Owner and sole employee of independent consultancy working for multiple customers. Please see the SCN Research webpage for a detailed listing of recent clients. Other projects include work with a small group of programmers who independently rewrote Berkeley library routines and kernel calls to make them available under SYS V. Ported several large BSD Unix programs to SYS V, including sendmail, mhmail, UUCP, RCS, dbm, curses, and libplot. Helped design, configure, and install local Internet connection for community networking. Co-founded the first commercial internet provider in the Portland area. Worked on Ada parallel debugger for Intel Supercomputer Division and Northwest Gas server-client environment.


Association of Computing Machinery: SIGGRAPH, SIGPLAN: 13 years
Associate editor for the Silicon Forest Gazette: 5 years.
USENIX (Technical Unix association): 17 years.
IEEE: 10 years.

Michael Gray

Worked for Act III Theaters, which are now now Regal Cinemas
  Familiar with all aspects of movies presentation and theater

Attended classes at Portland State University
  Founding member of PSU's Computer Action Team (TheCAT)

Moved to Silicon Valley at the start of the Dot-Com boom
  Contracted though Taos Mountain to Oracle and Sun Microsystems
  Employed at Sun Microsystems as a System Technologist 2 on
  enterprise systems
  Contracted though Ventana Technologies to Nortel Networks

Eventually returned to Portland as a result of the Dot-Com crash.

Jon Brandon

Technical Skillset:

 Windows Development
C#\VB .Net windows application development
MS Office VBA development and Macro's
Excel, Word, Outlook
Database integration and office automation
Open Source Development
PHP, Perl, Mono
MS SQL Server, MySQL, Postgresql, Access, Vista DB
Server Administration
Linux - RedHat,Ubuntu,Debian
Subversion and Visual Subversion (Windows)
LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP)


2005 to Present  -  Self employed contractor
Programmer Analyst \ Linux \ Windows Consultant 

2002 to 2005  -  Monsoon Inc.
Primary Software Architect
Online Marketplace integration
E-Commerce development

2001 to 2002  - White Horse Interactive
Engineering Manager
Tech Lead on several project for fortune 500 companies.
AT&T Wireless, GM, Intel, EMI Records.

2001 to 2002  - Visionary Networks
Director of Engineering
Primary hardware and software architect for

2001 to 2002  - Powells Books -
Internet Engineering Manager
Original Architect for

Bill McGair

Technical Skillset:

Linux server security and administration
Scalable Linux desktop system administration
Linux and windows AD integration with samba and winbind
cisco router administration
F5 Big IP load balancer configuration/administration
Netscreen firewall configuration/administration
Mail server design build with Postfix/Exim/Qmail and various Imap/Pop
LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) Database design and management
DNS design/management with Bind
Change management with CVS/Subversion
Defect tracking with Bugzilla/Scarab
Lan & Wan design and buildout
Hardware troubleshooting


2004 to Present - Unix systems consultant

2003 to 2004 - Senior Unix Systems Administrator
  IE Logic, Portland, OR
  Maintained all aspects of a 24/7 real-time interactive on-line gaming
  application running on about 100 RedHat, Debian, and Solaris 8 servers.
Designed/deployed new infrastructure to version, package, and rapidly
  roll out new application and OS code to testing and production systems.
Deployed new load balanced webserver infrastructure to replace existing
  single server solution.
Assisted in the migration of MySQL backend databases to Oracle Rac
  solution on Sun Hardware.
Managed DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, VSS, PPTP VPN on
  Windows Server 2003. Supported 50 or so windows clients.
General Unix/Linux sysadmin tasks including managing about 1.2T
  of mission critical application and financial data and providing
  24x7 support.

2002 - Software Engineer
  Flatrock LLC
  Built a customized Debian based Linux distribution to support Flatrock's
  java/Linux based secure firewall traversal product.
Built infrastructure that allowed secure/authorized package retrieval and
  deployment of the product via the Internet.
Built a non-interactive CD that booted and installed the product.
Deployed technology to pxe boot and install Flatrock's farm of test
  servers with the latest build of the os/product.
Deployed new issue tracking system to replace Flatrock's proprietary
  issue tracker.
Wrote a test-harness to simulate various types of real world network

1999 to 2002 - Unix Team Manager
  Amdocs, Hillsboro, OR
Responsible for maintaining technical infrastructure at the Hillsboro
  development office. Supported development and testing environments
  for two separate engineering teams working on telecommunications
  fraud detection software. Supported and maintained all Solaris, HPUX,
  and NT servers and workstations.
Installed and supported Amdocs' development environment on a variety
  of HP ans Sun hardware running HPUX 10.20 and HPUX 11 and
  Solaris 2.5-2.8.
Provided assistance to developers regarding Oracle performance and
  connectivity problems.
Provided security, backup, and disaster recovery planning services.
Planned and executed a move of the development center.
Deployed real-time extranet application that allowed web-based point
  of sale activation of cellular telephones for a major US wireless carrier.
Designed and deployed a VPN extranet solution that enabled
  North American LECs to share fraud data in near real-time.
Migrate static DNS to DHCP/Dynamic DNS with Bind 9 and DHCP 3.
Managed NT 4 Domain Controllers, 30-40 NT workstations.

1995 to 1999 - Director of Systems Operations
  WebMD (formerly Sapient Health Network), Portland, OR
Led a team of 4 system administrators.
Designed, built, and maintained SHN's internal and production TCP/IP
  networks as well as telecommunications systems. Specified and
  procured all equipment, software, and wide area connectivity making
  up the network as the company grew from 5 to 100 people.
Installed and managed a variety of technologies used to run a large
  scale, 3-tiered patient-centric health care website.
Coordinated WebMD/SHN's participation in IBM's closed beta test
  of DB2 on the Solaris platform.
Designed and managed backup and disaster recovery procedures
  for both development and production networks.
Responsible for security, auditing, and maintenance of both the
  "corporate" and "production" networks.
Responsible for Management of uptime on production networks,
  keeping the various portions of a complicated website running 24/7
  for over 3 years with minimal outages during that time save for planned
  deployments of new technology.
Built a deployment methodology to deploy code from development
  to production systems.
Designed Ethernet and Telco cable plant and onsite server room.
Supervised move of the company, to a new location. The move took
  place with no interruption of internal workflow and minimal downtime
  (less than 60 minutes) of live website.

Dan Sweet

Technical Skillset:

Microsoft Windows Server administration (NT, 2000, 2003, SBS,
  Exchange, ISA)
Microsoft Windows Desktop system administration (9x, NT, XP)
Common windows network required software (Symantec Antivirus,
  Computer Associates Antivirus, Veritas & CA Backup, etc.)
Sun Solaris system administration
Basic Linux system administration
Wide Area Network design and layout
Local Area Network design and layout
Hardware (server, disk array, network device) trouble shooting
Vendor management (coordination for orders, installs, etc.)
Firewall appliance installation & management (Sonicwall Certified,
  Linksys, etc.)
Sonicwall VPN hardware/software installation
Cisco Router installation & configuration
Full understanding of fault tolerant design and application principles
Visio diagramming / Network layout diagramming
Backup power system design & installation


1996 to Present - Consultant, SCN Research

1990 to 1996 - Technical Sales Consultant, R & D Industries, Inc.
LAN/WAN design & sales
Novell & Windows Server design and sales
Small to large printer specification, sales, and service

Other Past Experience:

Printer Place, Portland, OR
Printer sales and support
SCO Xenix system administration

August Systems (R.I.P.), Tualatin, OR

Troubleshooting & demonstration of fault tolerant systems
Ladder logic programming
PL/I control loop programming

John Thoren

Technical Skillset:

Advanced troubleshooting on Cisco routers, switches and pix firewalls.
Cisco router, switch and pix firewall configuration. Areas covered include
  VPNs to both routers and pixes, ATM and DSL configuration for ISPs,
  network security, intrusion detection, monitoring, HSRP, BGP.
IP network design, reconfiguration and migration planning.
Diagram & document networks using Visio.
MRTG installation and configuration (on Windows platforms).
Microsoft Windows server and client deployment, management,
  backups, troubleshooting.


2001 to Present - Network Consultant
  SCN Research

1999 to 2001 - Senior Network Engineer (R.I.P.),  Portland, Oregon
Designed, managed and built out a $1 million datacenter to host a
  downloadable music web service. Features include multiple forms of
  redundancy, hardware server load balancing across 50 servers, storage
  area networks, high security and intrusion protection, monitoring, change
  management, testing.

1994 to 1999 - Senior Network Engineer, Information Systems
  Tri-Met Westside Light Rail Project,  Portland, Oregon
Manage, design, troubleshoot local and wide area networks for multiple
  offices staffed by 500 people.
Deploy and manage unix/samba file servers (DEC Pathworks).
Migrate network from unix/samba to Windows NT 3.5, then to NT 4.
Manage project CCMail system.
Install TriMet internet access, design and deploy the TriMet
  MS Exchange electronic mail system.
Manage helpdesk staff for all project offices.

Educational Background & Personal:

Bachelor of Arts (Biology), Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota.
U.S. Citizen, Languages: fluent French, rusty Japanese.

Robert Zilbauer

Technical Skillset:

Sun Solaris system administration
Administration of multiple flavors of Linux (Gentoo, Redhat, Mandrake,
Programming experience (Perl, C, shell scripting, etc.)
IPv6 implementations (primarily Solaris and FreeBSD)


2001 to Present - Systems Consultant & Programmer
  SCN Research

2000 to 2001 - Senior System Administrator
  Zama Networks (R.I.P.), Seattle, WA
Built and maintained systems for a large-scale IPv6 network provider
  and colocation service. Included network monitoring, NOC support,
  security considerations, server redundancy, etc.
Authored several instructional papers regarding IPv6 and its use on
  Solaris, DNS, etc.

1994 to 1999 - CIO & Senior System Administrator
  Europa Communications, Inc., Portland, OR
Managed and maintained all servers required to support 2nd largest
  locally owned Internet Service Provider in the state
Wrote entire ISP billing system from scratch and updated it as billing
  needs changed
Responsible for system integrity and security

Educational Background:

Graduated in 1993 from the University of Oregon with a BS in Computer
  Science and a BS in Psychology